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Volunteer Services Supervisor


Marketing Coordinator

Grants Coordinator


Jackie is a giver at heart, from serving in the Peace Corps  in Mozambique to working at the food bank, she wants to be a resource for her community. Jackie is a Riverside native and the second of six children. When she is away from the food bank she enjoys cooking, watching tv, and dancing. 

Jocelyn is grateful to be a part of the FARSB family. She loves knowing that her work truly makes a positive impact in the very community she grew up in. In her spare time, Jocelyn enjoys wandering into bookstores, watching suspenseful movies, and taking way too many pictures of her cat, Milly.

With a passion for reading and a love for nature, you can find Rebeca under a shady tree with a book in hand. As our Grants Coordinator, Rebeca is a team player and contributes her efforts in making a difference in our community. Rebeca has expressed herself in journaling, crocheting and even longboarding; not at the same time of course!

As a writer at heart, Annissa ensures that our organization is spreading the word about FARSB’s efforts through creative channels. She has a  background in the advertising and copywriting fields, Annissa has an eye for researching and creating collateral materials. You’ll find she has a passion for acrylic painting and is most proud of her poppy field art piece.

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Volunteer Engagement Coordinator

Chris dedicates his time by directing and engaging with volunteers. You can find Chris assisting with warehouse operations and transferring products. Chris’s work ethic shines as he makes a difference every day. He can lighten up a room with his kind spirit and funny jokes. Outside of the office, Chris enjoys staying active, playing drums and focusing on his goal to read 20 pages every day.

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Development Volunteer
and Board Member

Known for his dependable and funny qualities, James delivers smiles to all guests in reception and staff. You can find James performing clerical tasks with his multitasking abilities and quick thinking. James is actively working on learning new programs, he specifically developed familiarity with new software programs. When the day is over, two dogs keep James occupied with playtime, dinner and walks!