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Be a Voice. Be the Change. Join the FARSB Board!

At Feeding America Riverside | San Bernardino, we encourage passionate, dedicated professional community members from the Inland Empire who share our vision and believe in our mission to become part of our Board of Directors.

Our ideal candidate is described as a “trailblazer” with the skill sets and knowledge who can join us in the fight against hunger within our communities. Potential board members must have an understanding that our residents have faced numerous systemic barriers impacting their education, employment, housing, and healthcare, including racism, sexism, and cissexism. We are seeking candidates that have personally experienced hunger and the systematic barriers that enable it. We believe in the power of lived experience. Individuals who have experienced the harsh reality of food insecurity hold the power to drive the changes that need to be made.


  • A member that is of one or more equity constitutes such as tribal communities, communities of color, immigrant and refugee communities, transgender and gender nonconforming communities, single women, single mothers, and caregivers.

  • An individual that is experienced hunger at some point in their life.

  • A resident with deep roots and love for the Inland Empire.


Apply Now!

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