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Food is foundational and a human right.

Desde humildes comienzos ...

Alimentando a América Riverside | San Bernardino ( "FARSB" )  comenzó en abril de 1980 como Survive Food Bank distribuyendo alrededor de 10,000 libras de alimentos por mes y asociándose con alrededor de 20 agencias locales sin fines de lucro.  Hoy, FARSB distribuye  2  millones de libras de alimentos al mes y se asocia con más de 250 agencias locales sin fines de lucro.


FARSB es uno de los 200 bancos de alimentos afiliados a Feeding America, la Red Nacional de Bancos de Alimentos.  FARSB sirve a los condados de Riverside y San Bernardino, también conocido como Inland Empire .  Hay más de 800.000 personas que viven por debajo del umbral de la pobreza.  en el interior  Empire y más de 400.000 personas que padecen inseguridad alimentaria.  Nuestro banco de alimentos es la organización de alivio del hambre más grande del Inland Empire, con más de 100,000 personas que dependen de nosotros cada mes.

Es un gran trabajo  que no podemos hacerlo sin USTED!

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When we dispel misconceptions about government nutrition programs, we empower more Californians to seek the food assistance they need. It's important to talk about hunger to minimize the stigma it holds on our society.

Access the latest news on government nutrition programs, and share the knowledge to make a difference in the community. 

Learn how to talk to future generations about hunger.


Contact Legislators

Urge your elected official to support government nutrition programs and hunger-relief legislation. Call Feeding America’s toll-free number, get connected to your elected official, and listen to the be prompts. You will be asked to provide your name, zip code, and city of residency.

Feeding America's toll-free number:  (888) 398-8702

Access our latest legislature pre-written script.

Congress has the ability to help Americans struggling with hunger by supporting hunger-relief programs. Contact your members of Congress to call for public policy change on the federal, state and local levels.

Corona | Ken Calvert 
E:  P: (951) 277-0042

Hesperia | Jay Obernotle
E: P: (760) 247-1815

Riverside | Mark Takano 
E: P: (951) 289-0250

Hemet | Raul Ruiz
E:  P: (951) 765-2304

Ontario | Norma Torres E: P: (909) 481-6474

San Bernardino | Pete Aguilar
E: P: (909) 890-4445

Temecula | Darrell Issa 
P: (760) 304 - 7575

"Transforming every meal into a promise of a better tomorrow."

Latest Legislative Priorities


California's Short-Lived Climate Pollutant Reduction law aims to reduce organic waste disposal and global warming gasses. As of January 1st, 2022 Tier 1 food generators must donate the maximum amount of excess edible food they would otherwise dispose to food recovery organizations such as FARSB. 

Tier 1 Includes:

  • Wholesale food vendors

  • Food distributors

  • Food Service providers

  • Grocery stores or supermarkets

How to Help:

  • If your organization or business qualifies as a Commercial Edible Food Generator, FARSB can step in to ensure your surplus food donations can go directly to those in need and eliminate food waste. 



Nuestra misión es aliviar el hambre en Inland Empire. Imaginamos una comunidad donde todos tengan acceso a un suministro de alimentos nutritivo y adecuado.

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