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Breaking Down Barriers...

Desde humildes comienzos ...

Alimentando a América Riverside | San Bernardino ( "FARSB" )  comenzó en abril de 1980 como Survive Food Bank distribuyendo alrededor de 10,000 libras de alimentos por mes y asociándose con alrededor de 20 agencias locales sin fines de lucro.  Hoy, FARSB distribuye  2  millones de libras de alimentos al mes y se asocia con más de 250 agencias locales sin fines de lucro.


FARSB es uno de los 200 bancos de alimentos afiliados a Feeding America, la Red Nacional de Bancos de Alimentos.  FARSB sirve a los condados de Riverside y San Bernardino, también conocido como Inland Empire .  Hay más de 800.000 personas que viven por debajo del umbral de la pobreza.  en el interior  Empire y más de 400.000 personas que padecen inseguridad alimentaria.  Nuestro banco de alimentos es la organización de alivio del hambre más grande del Inland Empire, con más de 100,000 personas que dependen de nosotros cada mes.

Es un gran trabajo  que no podemos hacerlo sin USTED!



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Increasing Access, Nourishing Lives

CalFresh, federally known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), plays a pivotal role in enhancing food security and self-sufficiency within our community. Our dedicated CalFresh team provides vital application assistance to eligible individuals and families, ensuring that they can access this critical nutrition program. Year after year, we tirelessly submit over 1,000 applications on behalf of Riverside and San Bernardino County residents, ultimately securing Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) cards that help supplement the costs of nutrition-dense foods. Our CalFresh team aims to help:

  • Increase food security

  • Improve nutrition

  • Encourage healthier communities

  • Support economic growth

  • Provide financial relief

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Nourishing Health, Cultivating Wellness

For thousands of homebound residents in the Inland Empire, the monthly knock on the door signifies much more than just a friendly visit from a neighborhood volunteer. It heralds the arrival of healthy, nutritious sustenance packaged within an unassuming little brown box, courtesy of our Nourish Now Program, formerly known as HERO. Each food delivery is a lifeline for households where residents are confined to their homes. These deliveries include a balanced assortment of nutritious foods and shelf-stable essentials, addressing immediate needs as they arise. Since 2020, our program has extended a helping hand to over 20,000 food-insecure homes in the Inland Empire. Nourish Now strives to:

  • Provide essential nutrition

  • Increase food security

  • Improve individual well-being

  • Foster community connection

  • Scale impact

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Elena, CalFresh Recipient

"I am a single parent of two children, and CalFresh has helped as far as getting nutritious food for my children. It’s been a great benefit to be able to make meals and not struggle."


Nancy, Nourish Now Recipient

"The program has helped me immensely. I have very critical standings autoimmune conditions and a couple of rare ones that a couple of people have, which is why I can't work. The amount of money that I receive from CalFresh is minimal. The food box allowed me not to worry that I won’t have nourishing meals and not have to worry about being nutritionally well. It allowed me not to worry that I would have the right amount of food and proper food, and I could just worry about getting well. It makes an incredible difference."

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