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Nourishing the Future...

Desde humildes comienzos ...

Alimentando a América Riverside | San Bernardino ( "FARSB" )  comenzó en abril de 1980 como Survive Food Bank distribuyendo alrededor de 10,000 libras de alimentos por mes y asociándose con alrededor de 20 agencias locales sin fines de lucro.  Hoy, FARSB distribuye  2  millones de libras de alimentos al mes y se asocia con más de 250 agencias locales sin fines de lucro.


FARSB es uno de los 200 bancos de alimentos afiliados a Feeding America, la Red Nacional de Bancos de Alimentos.  FARSB sirve a los condados de Riverside y San Bernardino, también conocido como Inland Empire .  Hay más de 800.000 personas que viven por debajo del umbral de la pobreza.  en el interior  Empire y más de 400.000 personas que padecen inseguridad alimentaria.  Nuestro banco de alimentos es la organización de alivio del hambre más grande del Inland Empire, con más de 100,000 personas que dependen de nosotros cada mes.

Es un gran trabajo  que no podemos hacerlo sin USTED!



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Promoting Nutrition, Educating Young Minds

TGIF is a seasonal program designed to engage and educate elementary-aged youth about healthy eating and sustainable gardening. Over the course of four weeks, participants are introduced to a variety of fruits and vegetables through interactive lesson plans. Children learn about fresh produce's nutritional benefits and gain hands-on experience in cultivating their own seasonal crops. Each week, they take home recipes to replicate the dishes they've prepared and independently explore the sustainable advantages of embracing a greener lifestyle. In the final week, kids have the opportunity to engage in immersive, hands-on learning at Overflow Farms and harvest their own fresh produce! We aim to educate the next generation through:

  • Hands-on learning

  • Promoting social interaction

  • Encouraging sustainability

  • Fostering life skills

"TGIF helps get my kids to do more outside activities and learn about food and nutrition."

Grab n' Go

Fueling Futures, One Meal at a Time

Our Grab n' Go Program actively works to combat childhood hunger in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties. We understand that access to nutritious meals is essential for young minds to flourish. Thus, we've designed our program to provide healthy, nourishing food to low-income students and their families. We're proud to collaborate with participating school districts, facilitating food deliveries to ensure numerous school sites benefit from each district's partnership. Our Grab n' Go sites are consistent, offering routine distribution schedules at each campus so that families can rely on us for their nutritional needs week after week. Through Grab n' Go, we aim to:

  • Alleviate child hunger

  • Support academic success

  • Promote healthy eating habits

  • Increase accessibility

  • Build community relationships



Chaffey Joint Union High School District | Rialto Unified School District | Redlands Unified School District | Moreno Valley Unified School District | Hemet Unified School District | Perris Elementary School District | Real Journey Academies | Alvord Unified School District

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Parent of The Goodness in Food Participant

"We have been planting the seeds at home. Now, he just wants to grow everything that comes from seeds. TGIF is a really great educational program for them." 

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Anonymous, Grab n' Go Redlands Unified Recipient

"Being a stay-at-home mom of three kids, these boxes have been super helpful. My husband is the sole provider in our house, and although he makes enough money for us to pay rent and other bills, there are days when we don't have enough for food. These boxes have helped in those days of need. They have been such a blessing for us."

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