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September is Hunger Action Month

Everyone needs nutritious food to thrive. Yet, tens of millions of people in the United States―including the Inland Empire, where over 400,000 individuals, half of whom are children―face hunger.


This September, join our food bank and the movement to end hunger. Your voice, actions, and commitment will ensure that every community has the food they need to thrive. Because when people are fed, futures are nourished. Every action―big or small―is one step closer to an IE where no one is hungry. Join the movement to end hunger by donating, volunteering, or advocating!

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When People Are Fed, Futures Are Nourished.
Join us for Hunger Action Month!


Group Actions


Make a financial or significant product donation to FARSB

  • Start a company fundraising campaign

    • Show your support by adding a match on funds raised.

    • Have different teams or departments challenge each other to see who can raise the most funds.

    • Invite customers to join in raising a certain number of meals for people facing hunger.


Organize a group volunteer event with FARSB

Lend Media Support

Spread awareness of the fight to end hunger by donating space in your media channels to run FARSB ads.


Share on Social

Post on social media about you and/or your company's involvement in the anti-hunger movement, your support of FARSB, and your participation in Hunger Action Month this September.

  • Post a team photo with everyone dressed in orange on your social media pages. 

  • Have a competition to see who wears the most orange throughout the month and post the winner's photo on social media.

Go Orange!

The designated color for HAM is ORANGE!​

  • Turn your building lights orange or ask community members to decorate their landmarks orange throughout September.

  • Have designated days for your company to dress up and wear orange.

Individual Actions


Visit Our Story or to learn about hunger in our community and nationwide.


Make a Donation to FARSB

  • Text HAM23 to 71777

  • Participate in our Pass the Plate Challenge. Get 15 friends to donate $15 by Hunger Action Day, September 15th and win a shirt*

    • ​Create your fundraiser HERE.

    • You can help us raise up to 1,125 meals for the Inland Empire!

    • *Must complete the challenge for a shirt raffle entry.

  • Make your own coffee and lunch during the month of September and donate your savings to FARSB.

  • Start a Facebook fundraiser and challenge your followers to reach a specific goal.

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Volunteer at FARSB and tell your friends, family, and colleagues to join you.

Share on Social

Post on social media about why you are a part of the fight to end hunger and encourage your friends, family, and followers to join you.

  • Leverage our Hunger Action Month social graphics and suggested copy or craft your own.

  • Pin a post about Hunger Action Month to the top of your Instagram. For instructions, click here.


Write to your local Congress member and tell them that food nourishes the future. For templates, click here or go to for more info. 

Go Orange!

Wear ORANGE—the color of hunger relief—throughout the month of September to spread awareness while demonstrating your commitment to the fight against hunger in America.

Take Action

Give Voice

We have provided premade scripts, flyers, and social media posts! For more ways to be an avid advocate, go to Every action―big or small―is one step closer to an IE where no one is hungry.

HAD Social Graphic A.png


"Food is Essential"

"Food Can Nourish the Future"

"Hunger in the Inland Empire"

Note: Please edit the text as needed for your audience. For advocacy purposes, we have tailored these to legislators. Feel free to edit and send to other groups you may feel could be a driving force of change!


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Social Media Posts


  • September is #HungerActionMonth―a month dedicated to spreading awareness and taking action to end hunger in America. Every effort, big or small, is one step closer. Join the movement to end hunger at


  • September is #HungerActionMonth. Join the movement to end hunger at


  • Every action―big or small―is one step closer to an America where no one is hungry. This September, during #HungerActionMonth, join the movement to end hunger by volunteering, donating, or advocating:​

  • Today is #HungerActionDay! Join the movement to end hunger: donate, volunteer, or use your voice to help ensure everyone has access to the nutritious food they need to thrive:

This Hunger Action Month, let us come together to make a lasting impact on the lives of those who face hunger in the United States, especially within the Inland Empire. As we strive to ensure that every individual, young or old, has access to nutritious food, we invite you to join us in this crucial endeavor. Every action―big or small―is one step closer to an IE where no one is hungry. Want to make a lasting impact year-round? Join the Meals For Many (M4M) Monthly Giving Club!

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