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Gifts to the Legacy Society are acts of hope for the future of those in the Inland Empire who find themselves and their families in danger of food insecurity. Your generosity will allow FARSB to serve local Inland Empire communities for generations to come.


We have been part of the Riverside Community for many years, when my husband Mac passed away we were able to honor to fund his wishes to give to 3 different community charities important to us including Feeding America Riverside|San Bernardino.

Mrs. Mac McQuern – Riverside, CA

I’ve named FARSB as a co-beneficiary in the company life insurance policy provided where I work. My family and friends will immediately know that feeding the hungry is the cause I most care about.

Mrs. Robert Butler – Lake Arrowhead, CA


A full copy of the five-page FARSB gift acceptance policy outlining details of gift giving and additional bequest funding opportunities is available on REQUEST.


History & Purpose

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Feeding America Riverside|San Bernardino (FARSB) was established in April 1980 with the help of Ray Skeehan, who made space in the St. Vincent De Paul Thrift store for the first food bank. That single compassionate act grew into something much more. In 2014, our regional food bank, then known as Second Harvest, changed its name to Feeding America Riverside|San Bernardino.


The purpose of the Ray Skeehan Society is to recognize those individuals and families who have remembered FARSB in their estate plans through a documented planned gift.  The Society also serves to enable community members and those who are passionate about alleviating hunger in the Inland Empire to “make space” in their own legacy, as Ray Skeehan did, to support the lifesaving work of FARSB for generations to come.

Benefits of Society Membership

Legacy Society members will receive a membership certificate, special reports on initiatives and will be listed in our annual report.  All Legacy Society members will also be honored at an annual event.  Members will also be invited to any seminars and special events on planned giving, financial and estate planning.

Become a Member

Become a member of the Ray Skeehan Legacy Society by notifying us that you have named FARSB a beneficiary in your will or estate plan; or to be even more involved by obtaining a Legacy Society enrollment form from the FARSB Philanthropy Director or a FARSB Board Member serving on the Gift Acceptance or Development Committee.


Bequest in a Will

Life Income Gifts

Designate a specific amount of money, a percentage of your estate, or a specific asset to help fulfill our mission of alleviating hunger. FARSB could also be named as a contingent beneficiary.

Gifts such as a charitable gift annuity, a charitable remainder trust, or a pooled income fund provide you and/or your designated beneficiary income for life.  Life income gifts can reduce or eliminate certain taxes and guarantee an income for life.

Life Estate

Life Insurance

Deed your home, vacation property, or condominium to FARSB and retain the right to live in the property and/or receive income from the property for as long as you or your beneficiaries live.  A life estate gift reduces capital gains, inheritance and estate taxes, and offers an income tax deduction as well.

Life insurance can often present a sizable charitable gift.  Purchase a new policy and make FARSB the owner and beneficiary of the policy, make FARSB the owner and beneficiary of an existing policy you no longer need, or you can name FARSB as a co-beneficiary or a contingent beneficiary of an existing policy.

Other Gifts and Ways to Fund a Bequest:

Cash, Appreciated Securities, Appreciated Property, or Personal Property

Check with your financial and legal advisors before making a gift.

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