Stephanie Otero, CEO

I believe in giving back and I choose FARSB because there are people in our community who need us & I know with confidence that 98% of my donation goes back into the community.

Mary M.

I donate in the honor of the I.E.  where I've lived for 29 years and my children and grandchildren live now.

Kyle Y.

It feels good to Help.

Joy R.

Helping people right here at home gives me comfort I'm doing the right thing.

Bobbi B. 

"You are the organization I trust and chose to give to."

Salina T.

We dont have much to give, but we know how lucky we are to have enough.

Cynthia B.

We will always donate to this organization as long as we are able to.

Carrie Jean S.

Thank you for all you do to make sure individuals and families have nutritious food.

Caleb A.

I was once in need too.

Cody P. 

It is insane to think that people are going hungry in the richest country on Earth. I am trying to do my small part in meeting society's collective and individual responsibility to help support those in need.


Breanna D. 

I grew up in a small town in San Bernardino County, and remember how underfunded everything was. Now that I am able to, I would like to lend my support to those in need.

Edenilson D.

Because an empty stomach hurts and families should be able to have proportioned enough to each day.

Lynne A.K.

​I've been in need of food banks before, and I absolutely love the work you do. You use the money so efficiently, I feel like I am helping more with you.

Pat W.

Helping others is important because if I can help others when I am able, I will receive help when I am unable to help myself

Josue R.

I'm giving because I have the means to. I live in the Inland Empire and want to help it improve the well being of others in need.


Before FARSB, I would have sleep for dinner.  Now I'm eating good and sleeping good.


I emailed last night about needing food for my family & I am so thankful you reached out and gave us food! You have no idea how much we needed this and how blessed we are for your help!  You guys are amazing!

Anne D.

FARSB has been such a Blessing to my family. We would like to thank the Staff for submitting my Cal Fresh Application and for the information on where and when to receive assistance at Food Pantries. To those that need guidance in these areas in their life, I recommend contacting them.


Shirili, Staff Member at Partner Charity Site

It is my prayer that God will continue to bless the work of your hearts as you love & care for those who could never repay you. I thought you should hear a "Thank You" from someone who is thanking God for each one of you today.

Mathew, Staff Member at Partner Charity Site

You guys are such a blessing. Our community has had no or little power for the last 5 days due to the fire on San Jacinto, 2 miles of power lines burned. Your staff was so helpful, and this food will really help us minister to our community. Thanks so much. God Bless.

Feeding America Riverside|San Bernardino is a 501 (c)3 nonprofit organization. Our mission is to alleviate hunger in the Inland Empire. 


Every $1 donated to Feeding America Riverside|San Bernardino helps to provide up to 8 meals. Donate today.


Phone: (951) 359-4757

2950 Jefferson Street

Riverside, CA  92504

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