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COVID-19: How to Support Your Local Food Bank

Updated: May 14

Young girl eating a sandwich at a park table.

While many businesses are choosing to remain closed in the wake of the coronavirus, for food banks, serving the public in times of crisis is part of our job! Right now, we are actively monitoring the rapidly changing COVID-19 (coronavirus) situation, and while we continue to distribute food to those in need of emergency assistance, your support is crucial.

How to help fight hunger during the coronavirus outbreak:

  1. 🍊Donate Money: While many are already experiencing challenges due to coronavirus concerns, many may find themselves, for the first time, reaching out to a local food bank for help. Dollars make the biggest impact. Just $1 can provide up to 8 meals and can be donated via

  2. 🍉Donate Food: Though many are choosing to build a stockpile of food for themselves, for those living paycheck to paycheck, purchasing more than you need is not an option. Consider donating just a few cans to your local food bank to help those struggling to obtain food. Donations can be dropped off at 2950-B Jefferson St. Riverside, CA 92504, Monday - Friday, 8 AM -3 PM. For a list of suggested items, click here!

  3. 🍎Stay Informed: Like a hospital, our resources are needed and we aren't likely to close, BUT our distribution efforts and volunteer programs may experience some shifts to keep everyone safe while we distribute food to more people than usual. Continue to monitor our social media accounts and your email for updates.

  4. 🍋Spread the word: Our food bank offers free food to those that need it. Please share this blog so others in your circle have a resource to turn to for help.

Together, #WeFeedtheIE.


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