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From Chase Bank to the Food Bank

Local JP Morgan Chase Representative Advocates for Hunger- Relief Efforts this National Volunteer Month

April is National Volunteer Month, but Cari Gordon - JP Morgan Chase’s Community Manager Vice President of Moreno Valley - has pledged to volunteer in the fight against hunger all year long. When it comes to serving her Inland Empire community, Gordon has been delivering financial and food aid to those in need well before the pandemic.

Gordon was not always in a position to give. “There were times when we had very little to put on the table and I was fortunate that I had my family and that isn’t always the case. Had I not had family that provided nutrition for my children, I know there are organizations like Feeding America that would have helped.” Gordon’s passion for philanthropy launched initiatives for JP Morgan Chase representatives to join hunger-relief volunteer opportunities at the Inland Empire regional food bank, Feeding America Riverside | San Bernardino (FARSB). Gordon and fellow JP Morgan Chase employees have dedicated over 275 hours to volunteer work ranging from sorting donated goods to delivering food to vulnerable neighbors.

At least once a week, Gordon delivers nutritious foods to homebound clients, recalling how many of them have to choose between food and other necessities – making the delivery that much more crucial. “A recipient found herself deciding between food or medicine. She was so thankful because we could help her. It’s amazing, simply delivering food to somebody. It softens their heart too, that there are people out there that really do care about them.”

With nearly 35 years of experience in the financial industry, Gordon sees how finance and food insecurity are two sides of the same coin. “Even though we may be coming out of a pandemic, the need and the word of mouth has gotten out there. I see a whole lot more signing up, so as the need gets greater, volunteers are needed more.”

During the month of April and ahead, the public is invited to explore volunteer opportunities at FARSB. To become a volunteer or make a donation in support of your local regional food bank, visit


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