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Next Door Hero Saves the Day

Updated: May 14

Person holding a bag of oranges while placing them into a push cart filled with other food items.

Our receptionist, answered a particularly special phone call on an early Thursday morning. An especially distraught woman, expressed her concern regarding her HERO Program request status. Our receptionist quickly researched her request and discovered the package was expected to deliver within a few days.

While the anonymous woman stated she had recently signed up for a delivery, she emotionally admitted to not eating for two days as she was alone and homebound. Additionally, she stated she lived in the distant community, San Jacinto. Our receptionist was determined to ensure this woman did not go hungry any longer.

Thinking quickly, he searched through all FARSB partners within the San Jacinto area. He made his first call to Grace and Mercy Apostolic Christian Center. Answering on the first ring, Minnie, listened to our receptionist as he explained the circumstances. Minnie confirmed she would immediately deliver a food package to the anonymous woman. Our receptionist provided her address and contact information to Grace and Mercy Apostolic Christian center. Minnie’s team successfully delivered an abundance of nutritious goods to the anonymous woman.

Our receptionist shares, “This is so reflective of the great work that we are doing through our partners. What a great network of caring, action oriented hunger fighters!” Thanks to our receptionist and our partner, Grace and Mercy Apostolic Christian Center, their efforts fought against hunger and saved the day.

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