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TGIF Returns March 2024

TGIF is a seasonal program designed to engage and educate elementary-aged youth about healthy eating and sustainable gardening. Over the course of four weeks, participants are introduced to a variety of fruits and vegetables through interactive lesson plans. Children learn about the nutritional benefits of fresh produce and gain hands-on experience in cultivating their own seasonal crops. Each week, they take home recipes to replicate the dishes they've prepared and independently explore the sustainable advantages of embracing a greener lifestyle. In the final week, kids have the opportunity to engage in immersive, hands-on learning at Tequesquite Community Garden! Please contact our Programs Coordinator, Daniel, at for more information!

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*Please note that the curriculum for the March 2024 session is designed with a focus on third through fifth-grade students.*


Why Enroll Your Child?

Promoting Nutrition. Educating Young Minds.

TGIF provides a dynamic and interactive platform tailored for elementary-aged youth. Through engaging lesson plans, children not only learn about healthy eating but also gain valuable knowledge about sustainable gardening practices. As kids replicate and reflect on what they've learned, they develop essential life skills such as following instructions, teamwork, and responsibility. These skills contribute to their overall personal growth and enhance their social interactions. By the end of the session, we hope your child has increased:

  • Nutritional Awareness

  • Life Skill Development

  • Environmental Consciousness

  • Positive Educational Outlook 

TGIF provides students with a unique and valuable opportunity to grow academically, socially, and environmentally. The program aims to lay the foundation for a healthy and conscious lifestyle while creating lasting memories for your child. Please contact our Programs Coordinator, Daniel, at for more information!

Lesson Overview

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Gardening and Sustainability

Kids will learn the benefits of growing their own food while learning about plants, their life cycles, and the natural world.

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Plant Biology 
and Nutrition

Kids will gain a deeper understanding of a plant's structure and how they can grow their own healthy food from seeds.

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and Irrigration

Kids will learn about the different types of farms within agriculture and how their crops are maintained through irrigation systems.

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Field Trip to 
the Garden

Kids will have the opportunity to apply the skills they learned throughout the month and create their own compost!

Enroll your child today! Your child's personal growth and social interactions will be significantly enhanced by replicating and reflecting on lessons, fostering a well-rounded educational experience. Much like seeds, your child will grow with our program, hopefully continuing to apply their newfound skills throughout their life. Please contact our Programs Coordinator, Daniel, at for more information!


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