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Partner Spotlight: Helping Hands Group

Updated: May 14

Volunteers at The Helping Hands Group sorting donation pallets.
Photo provided by The Helping Hands Group

The Helping Hands Group often have volunteers make food deliveries to families in need who may face difficulties going grocery shopping themselves. During one particular delivery, a 90-year-old lady asked the volunteers to check on her next-door neighbor. Her neighbor was a 93-years-old man who was taking care of his 83-year-old wife who suffered from mental disabilities.

With extra food on hand, the volunteers made a delivery to that neighbor. When the man answered the door, he cried and told the volunteers his food supplies were extremely low, and he couldn't leave because the bus was not in service. The volunteers were moved by this and went out to buy extra essentials for the elderly couple.

At first, the man was afraid to ask for popsicles as he thought it might seem like a ridiculous request but later he explained to the volunteers that his wife loved popsicles and was one of the few things she responded to. Helping Hands Group volunteers now tend to them twice a month and even bring popsicles. Thank you Helping Hands Group for fostering such a caring volunteer team! FARSB is honored to work with such determined partner organizations who do everything possible to help feed neighbors in need!


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