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Partner Spotlight: Hope Unlimited Church

Updated: May 14

Hope Unlimited Church members at food distribution.

Three months ago, Hope Unlimited Church joined FARSB as a community partner to help fight hunger in the Inland Empire. The unwavering support of their volunteers made their Thanksgiving Food Distribution possible, giving them the opportunity to feed dozens of families struggling to get by during the holiday season.

"With dozens of cars waiting for the Thanksgiving Food Distribution; it became obvious that we were going to run short on supplies. Thankfully, all the volunteers committed to ending hunger in the Inland Empire sprang into action; securing additional turkeys and doing whatever they could to assure a successful Thanksgiving outreach. Thanks to all the volunteers at Hope Unlimited Church IE."- Bob Muir

Hope Unlimited Church is just one of over 250 partner organizations that distribute food to food insecure neighbors throughout both Riverside and San Bernardino county. FARSB is proud to work with such dedicated organizations, who believe like we do, that no one in the Inland Empire should go hungry.

To join FARSB, Hope Unlimited Church, and the hundreds of Inland Empire organizations working to end hunger, consider becoming a community partner today!


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