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Riverside Couple Uses Stimulus Check to Feed People During Coronavirus Crisis

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

The Judges Urge Community Members to Donate Stimulus Check to Local Organizations amid Coronavirus Crisis

Jim and Phyllis Judge immediately thought of ways they could make the most out of their stimulus checks after the announcement was made that families would be receiving automatic financial assistance amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Living comfortably off of Jim’s social security and both of their retirement incomes without any major financial obligations, the Judges felt the need to donate their stimulus checks to an organization that would aid those facing immediate financial hardship during the pandemic, encouraging them to give to their local food bank, Feeding America Riverside | San Bernardino (FARSB).

Jim Judge served as the Executive Director for United Way for five years in the Inland Empire (I.E.) and knew that the money had to stay within the I.E., where organizations had undeniably been inundated with requests to aid an overwhelming number of families facing the uncertainties of the impending economic situation.

As long-time Riverside residents of over 65 years, the Judges chose FARSB as the recipient of their $2,400 donation since it could be maximized to provide up to 192,000 meals to vulnerable families in his region.

The Judges hope that others will see how a simple act of kindness can make a huge impact and encourage those in a position to give to do so.

“There are a lot more people in dire positions. If you don’t need the money, donate it to a local food bank to help the needy,” Jim Judge said.

The Judge family is one of many families that, through the pandemic, have decided to use their government-granted funds to support their local food bank.

“Since I have been so fortunate financially during this time I want to donate to local charities from the money I will receive from the stimulus check,” Linda McKinley said.

Amanda and Michael Bates thought donating was one major way to put their federal stimulus check to good use when they donated $1,500 to FARSB.

William and Robin DeKleine are just happy to help nonprofit organizations that provide relief for economically disadvantaged neighbors. “We are a retired couple with sufficient income to live comfortably. This is stimulus money that we don’t need that can be better used by people who do,” the DeKleine family wrote.

And while some are donating their entire gift to the causes that matter most to them, others are splitting their stimulus checks up to help many people facing a variety of situations get the relief they need. “My husband and I don't need our stimulus money, so we're donating everything to various charities,” Julia Sanzberro said.

The Judge family hopes their donation, and the donations of others in his community, will help feed those in need and encourage those who don’t urgently need it, to donate.

If you’d like to donate your stimulus check to Feeding America Riverside | San Bernardino, where $1 helps to provide up to 8 meals, visit


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