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Serving up ABC7's Feed SoCal Campaign

Friday, July 21, 2023

This summer, ABC7 once again launched its 12th Annual Feed SoCal event. The main objective of Feed SoCal is to address the food insecurity crisis in local communities and provide meals to Southern California residents facing challenging times. ABC7 organized a fundraiser with four regional food banks to achieve this. They partnered with Stater Bros. Markets and Subaru Retailers in June to collect monetary donations and non-perishable food items.

Carolyn says, "The cost of acquiring food doesn't align with the amount of food going out." This year, the need for food has become even more critical due to the discontinuation of CalFresh emergency allotments and the impact of inflation.

FARSB received generous donations from Stater Bros. Markets, Amazon, Subaru, Caliber Collison, U.S. AutoForce, and Helpful Honda. FARSB's portion of the campaign received $126,500 in monetary donations. Besides the monetary donations, the campaign received an impressive contribution of over 12,400 lbs of food. ABC7 also highlighted a $75,000 SoCalGas Community Grant on-air during the event. This collective effort from donors, volunteers, and staff has undeniably made the ABC7 Feed SoCal campaign successful!

You can get involved and make a difference if you want to help our efforts throughout the year. Together, we can create a stronger and more caring community for all!


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