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Transforming Food Distributions: Shifting the Stigma

Updated: May 16

Tuesday, June 27, 2023

SMPP recipients getting food boxes from FARSB's Senior Mobile Pantry Program.

In the words of Mother Teresa, "If you cannot feed a hundred people, then feed just one." Sadly, the harsh reality of hunger affects our communities in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties on a daily basis. Compounding this issue, many individuals and families face challenges when seeking assistance, often due to a lack of awareness about available programs or the stigma associated with asking for help. Fortunately, our food bank has taken a proactive step towards addressing some of these issues through the Senior Mobile Pantry Program (SMPP).

SMPP is committed to serving low-income households, including adults aged 60 and older, as well as low-income families throughout the Inland Empire region. Through monthly food distribution programs, SMPP has a profound impact:

  • On average, we provide aid to over 2,000 households every month.

  • We serve approximately 8,500 individuals every month.

  • Seniors aged 60+ constitute roughly 59% of the individuals we support.

Jeorgina, a recipient, shares her experience: "Because of inflation, it's been hard to feed my family. The program has not only brought a sense of peace to my household but has also given me hope that I will no longer go to bed hungry." Jeorgina's story highlights the transformative power of SMPP and the invaluable support it provides to those in need.

Receiving assistance from a distribution site or pantry should never be a source of shame. Access to food is a fundamental human right. You can play a pivotal role in this movement by supporting programs like SMPP. Consider making a gift at your preferred frequency - weekly, monthly, or quarterly - to help individuals like Jeorgina. With every $10 donated, we can provide up to 50 meals for seniors and families, ensuring they receive the nourishment they deserve.

Together, let's ensure that all community members have access to the sustenance they need, irrespective of age. By supporting SMPP and similar initiatives, we can combat hunger, dismantle the stigma surrounding seeking assistance, and strive towards a hunger-free Inland Empire. Your contribution will make a tangible difference in the lives of numerous individuals and families. Join us on this journey as we work towards a hunger-free IE!


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