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Promoting Healthier Lives...

We recognize that good health begins with proper nutrition. That's why we are deeply committed to feeding through healthcare with our innovative programs, Nutrition Markets and FoodRx. Our Nutrition Markets provide a holistic approach to health by offering fresh, nutrient-rich foods to patients and their families within healthcare facilities. We aim to make nutritious choices convenient and accessible. Our FoodRx program also bridges the gap between nutrition and medical care, as healthcare providers prescribe healthy foods to patients facing diet-related health challenges. By blending healthcare and nutrition seamlessly, we are dedicated to improving the well-being of our community. 



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Nutrition Markets

Fueling Wellness, Nourishing Lives

Our Nutrition Market embodies our unwavering mission to combat hunger and improve food accessibility in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties. Situated within the premises of community health clinics, these strategically placed markets aim to offer a more convenient and readily accessible source of food assistance to at-risk families and individuals every quarter. By partnering with healthcare providers, we create a unique relationship between nutrition and overall well-being, recognizing that good health starts with proper nourishment. Through nutrition markets, we aim to:

  • Increase access to nutritious foods

  • Integrate healthcare

  • Reduce hunger among populations

  • Increase food security

  • Take a holistic approach to health


SAC Health | Soboba Indian Health Clinic

"The Soboba Market helps out a lot. It helps ease some of the financial struggles my family and I have to deal with."


Nourishing Health, Cultivating Wellness

Wellness starts with what's on our plate. Our FoodRx Program is at the forefront of our mission to bridge the gap between hunger and health. We've established strategic partnerships with local healthcare providers. These collaborations enable us to collect crucial data and implement targeted solutions to address food insecurity within our community. Through FoodRx, we've introduced on-site food pantries, food security screenings, and comprehensive nutrition education to support patients in need. Nutrient-rich groceries are provided to food-insecure patients, either directly at discharge or at the conclusion of their appointments, all at no cost. With FoodRx, we aim to:

  • Improve health outcomes

  • Increase food security

  • Promote nutrition education

  • Support patient independence

  • Increase preventive health measures

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CareMore Health | Riverside University Health System | San Bernardino Free Clinic

Kitchen Archives


Silvia, Soboba Nutrition Market Recipient

"I would tell the people not to feel bad about receiving food. Food is essential. It’s important. It’s a priority to eat. It’s a lot of help to us that are struggling financially right now. Because I do not have unemployment, disability, or anything. So, the food I get here, I try to make it last a week or at least five days, whatever it takes."


Peter, Soboba Nutrition Market Recipient

"I grew up on a reservation in Arizona. I am Navajo, and I am a retired veteran. The Soboba Market is important because of financial setbacks right now. Last year, my air conditioner went out, so I had to pay around 40,000 dollars in financial struggle. So that really hit me financially, so this market is essential because I don’t have to worry about not having enough food in my house to feed my family."

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