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Partner Spotlight: Community First Church Of God

Updated: May 14

Community First Church volunteer, Daisy Heidmiller, poses against a tall tree.
Photo provided by Community First Church of God

Community First Church of God, is dedicated to helping fellow neighbors in need. They've recently been serving seniors at Highland Palms, which accommodates 525 low-income senior households.

One volunteer, in particular, Daisy Heidmiller, delivers food to over 100 households every week. While the pandemic continues, seniors are staying home as much as possible. Daisy actively ensures these neighbors have enough food for the week. As a senior herself, she puts together a force of other seniors to continue aiding Highland Palms' residents with food supplies. Over time, this outreach has strengthened friendships and fostered a community of people eager to help one another.

FARSB is grateful to work with such generous and caring community partners! Thank you Community First Church of God for all you do for neighbors in need and for helping to create a hunger-free IE.


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