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Serving those who served us... 

We are deeply committed to serving those who have dedicated their lives to our country and our cherished senior community members. We strive to ensure that no senior or veteran in our community goes to bed hungry through a range of specialized initiatives, including the Military Veteran Program (MVP) and the Senior Mobile Pantry Program (SMPP). Join us in honoring their service and providing the essential nourishment they deserve.



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Military Veteran Program (MVP)

Feeding Heroes, Serving Veterans

In the Inland Empire, home to numerous military bases and a vibrant community of both active-duty and retired service members, we take pride in our commitment by providing nourishment to those who've served our nation. Through our Military Veteran Program (MVP), we work in close partnership with local homes to support active-duty military families and veterans facing food insecurity. Most MVP sites receive monthly deliveries of high-quality food commodities, including shelf-stable boxes, but may also receieve holiday meal kits, turkeys, and grocery gift cards as certain times of the year. Through MVP, we hope to:

  • Combat food insecurity among veterans

  • Support military families

  • Deliver high-quality food

  • Promote veteran health and well-being

  • Respect and honor our heroes


March Veteran Village | Disabled American Veterans - Chapter 12 | Loma Linda Veteran Village | Liberty Village

"It helps lift a burden off my shoulders, knowing that my fellow veterans and I are taken care of."

Senior Mobile Pantry Program (SMPP)

Nourishing Seniors, Strengthening Communities

Our Senior Mobile Pantry Program (SMPP) addresses the growing demand for food assistance among older adults and families in need throughout Riverside and San Bernardino counties. SMPP extends its services to low-income households with adults aged 60 or older and other low-income households, irrespective of age. Our goal is to serve up to 2,000 households each month, ensuring they receive nutritious, healthy, and high-quality food kits at no cost through The Emergency Food Assistance Program (USDA/TEFAP). Through SMPP, we strive to:

  • Improve nutritional health among seniors

  • Increase food accessibility

  • Create community connections

  • Promote independence

  • Challenge the stigma associated with seeking assistance

  • Raise awareness of food insecurity among older populations

While SMPP is available to all visitors regardless of age, we prioritize establishing distribution sites and locations most accessible to the senior population.



Chino Senior Center | River Run Senior Apartments | Fontana Community Senior Center | High Desert Second Chance | Montclair Community Center | Moreno Valley Community Senior Center | Murrieta Senior Center | Grace Vargas Senior Center |

Fifth Street Senior Center

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Jeorgina, Senior Mobile Pantry Program Recepient

"The Senior Mobile Pantry Program has helped me tremendously. Because of inflation, it’s been hard to feed my family because I do not buy as much as I did, but with the SMPP box, I am able to feed my family for at least some time. 


The program has not only given me a sense of peace in my household, but it has also given me hope that I will be able not to go to sleep hungry anymore."

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Christine, Senior Mobile Pantry Program Recepient

"I have been receiving boxes for over a year now, but I have been volunteering for over two years. SMPP helps me provide extra food to cook for senior neighbors and friends in need.


I find it really sad that anyone goes hungry and is too prideful to get help. There are some seniors who desperately need the food SMPP provides."

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