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Empowering Generations: One Family's Journey in Fighting Summer Hunger

Updated: May 16

Thursday, July 27, 2023

Co family volunteering at FARSB warehouse to fight hunger.

Meet the Co Family, a group of compassionate individuals determined to make a difference in their community. They have dedicated their time to volunteering at FARSB for the past two summers. Led by Wensley, a devoted stay-at-home mother, the Co Family has embarked on a fulfilling journey of service and community outreach.

When the family first ventured into volunteering, they initially signed up to help at a senior facility. However, fate had other plans for them when they discovered the abundance of volunteer opportunities at FARSB. Excited to contribute to a cause they deeply cared about, they enthusiastically jumped at the chance.

Upon entering the FARSB warehouse, Wensley and her boys were immediately struck by the sheer magnitude of food before them. Seeing so much food brought to light the harsh reality of those struggling to afford three meals a day. Empowered by this awareness, the family wholeheartedly embraced their mission to alleviate hunger in their community. As they packed food and sorted donations, they learned invaluable lessons about hard work, humility, and the fulfillment that comes from serving others.

Wensley's oldest son, in particular, found meaning in their volunteer work. Recognizing the importance of productive summers, he saw this opportunity as a way to give back and positively impact people's lives. Motivated by his faith and a calling to help others, he envisioned a future of continued service alongside his family.

During one of their tours, Wensley was fascinated by FARSB's approach to food waste. Learning about extended food expiration dates, she was inspired to implement these practices at home, reducing unnecessary waste and becoming more mindful of food's shelf life.

The Co Family's selfless actions have not only provided essential aid to those in need but also served as an inspiration to others. Their commitment to giving back has touched hearts and encouraged people of all ages to join the fight against hunger.

Looking ahead, the family eagerly anticipates each summer when they can continue their volunteering tradition at FARSB. Their dedication to the cause remains unwavering, and they have already secured their shifts for next month.

If you, like the Co Family, are eager to impact your community positively, consider joining our upcoming volunteer shifts at FARSB. Together, we can create a brighter future and combat summer hunger one step at a time!


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